CHDO Home Buyers Qualifications

Because the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association is a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), some of the houses we build and rehab are financed using federal money. When purchasing these properties potential buyers must meet income guidelines as outlined by HUD (Dept. of Housing and Urban Development). These guidelines are based on the buyers current income, previous year’s income, and number of dependents.

To learn more details about how to qualify for low to moderate income to purchase a home in Jefferson Park contact Loren Capron At 405-409 9816. If you make less than the family limits below and have good credit we will assist you by directing you to the agencies and lenders that can qualify you for the down payment assistance and a standard home mortgage.

The maximum yearly income for families is as follows:
1 person family- $33,250
2 person family- $38,000
3 person family- $42,750
4 person family- $47,500
5 person family- $51,300
6 person family- $55,100
7 person family- $58,900
8 person family- $62,700

*Income exclusions include child support; money that was inherited, willed, or given as a gift; and life insurance proceeds received as a result of someone’s death.

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